Life in Space

What if space isn’t actually a place, but a completely different paradigm of consciousness
where the physical is merely an artifact of deeper reality?

The more adventurous of Earth's latest generation are making lives for themselves among the stars,
unaware that their presence in the Deep is altering the fabric of Existence




ENSIGN Viktor Ilyanthis
Fresh from the academy and looking for front-line action

Dr. Nazanin Sukho, PhD
An ambitious 24th century 'beliefologist' with a towering conscience

MAJOR Revvic Leyne
Fleet Intelligence's heir apparent and resident fixer

LCDR Jerrett Nash
Newly promoted and itching to leave Intelligence for a fleet-side post

Trisha Thierry
The 'It' girl of the interstellar age, dancing away her innocence across alien-held space

CDR Chen Xiao
Recently the sharp XO of EarthFleet's most celebrated frigate, now stepping up to his own command

Toni Daniels
One of the 24th century's rare lost souls, with nothing to do and even less to lose




Humanity has finally left its nest, but tragedy has taught us we can't stay away for long. Our complex energy systems are fine-tuned to Earth's ecosphere, so going to space means a slow descent into Earth Isolation Disorder (EID) and eventually, death. Not that this keeps the curious from sightseeing. We've been trapped on our claustrophobic planet for long enough, and now that FTL's a reality, brief tours of the Orion Alliance (our local patch of sky) are all the rage.

But with so many ships being lost to terrifying rogue stars, plus the sudden scourge of crusaders prowling the 'heavens' in bloody jihad, our military fleet isn't always free to slipstream home when EID strikes. These are just a few of the problems making star service a hard sell in the second half of the 24th century, but...

Ready or not, into this fray bursts exquisite young Trisha Thierry, seeking to make a name for herself amidst the great constellations when she signs aboard Earth's newest and most glamorous starliner. But space is more than just 'space' and existence isn't the straightforward thing we thought it was. If life is what happens while you're making other plans, then Trish has no idea she's on a collision course with destiny at the dawn of a new epoch.


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Aerion Specsheet – The technical details of Trish's runabout

EarthFleet Ranks – Officers and Enlisted

EarthGuard Salutation – Trish gets some unexpected recognition



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