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Always a late bloomer, both physically and mentally, it took me half a century to find my niche. I discovered my interest in writing stories back in my twenties, but no matter how hard I tried to become an author, an actual story with substance and meaning eluded me. It's tough to publish when you don't yet have anything to say, so into corporate America I went. But it's even tougher to contribute yourself to someone else's project when you know that somewhere inside you waits your own. Those were hard years.

But with a new century came a new worldview. A story about a girl suffering a massive bipolar meltdown spent another DOZEN YEARS bourgeoning into SOULSTICE — an epic space opera spanning multiple lifetimes. After another year or so figuring out how to weave it all together, I knew I finally had the story I'd been searching for.

All this took place while I worked on my artistic vision, developing an art style to suit the story (check out the gallery if you haven't already). The original plan was to publish SOULSTICE online as a continuing graphic novel (still very much the master plan), but I realized the prose novelization would be a faster, more direct route to publishing, so here we are with the first book of the SOULSTICE Saga out and available to the reading world.

And now the serious work begins as I finally start my life.


Elsewhere in the Michaelverse —

I'm often asked why I call my website ARULU rather than, well, pretty much anything else. In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (an ancient Egyptian god), Arulu is described as the realm where thirty-one gates of creation hold back the outer darkness of chaos from flooding in and destroying existence. Meanwhile, in the real world, cosmologists have found hints of a barrier to our own universe suggesting something beyond it (or perhaps a 'nothing'). When I lay the two side-by-side, I see a correlation. Arulu, then, represents the point at which myth and reality meet. Nothing else could describe my creative work more accurately than that, so ARULU it is.


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